• Tiger's Eye Tube Necklace

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  • Description

    Get in touch with nature when you wear this ribbon of tiger's eye available in a variety of lengths. It is comprised of 8mm beads alternating in spherical and oblong shapes connected by gold or silver plated tubes.

    Ancient cultures believed it instilled strength and confidence in those who wore tiger's eye. Travelers wore talismans of this semi-precious gemstone to protect them on their journeys. Roman soldiers charged into battle boldly trusting it would heal infections of the skin and ears.

    Create the look that meets your style. Pair it on this site with bracelets or earrings.

    Choose the length that works for you:

    - up to 20" - 1x wrap

    - 36" - 40" - 2x wraps

    - 60" - 3x wraps

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