About Us



  • Artisans contribute to the growth of the center - In our 10th year, our member craftsmen have donated over 30,000 hours, filled more than 5,300 orders and sold 35,000 gift items
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence as artisans realize the value of their work
  • Provides opportunities for participants to express themselves artistically, when words are hard to find


  • Marketing and sales training instruction provided at monthly planning meetings
  • New technologies and craft tools are introduced to our artisans, teaching them to be productive members of the community
  • Provide opportunities to build and demonstrate communication skills


  • Artisan biographies, highlighing their lives with aphasia, are included with each product
  • Community partnerships, through multiple off-site store sales, educate the public about aphasia
  • Artisans participate in product sales throughout the community