• Crystal Butterfly Drop Earrings

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  • Description

    Each earring contains a 10mm X 9mm Swarovski crystal butterfly suspended ¾ inches from its backing by a silver chain. These crystals have a translucent quality capturing and reflecting colors around them. Swarovski crystals come from Austria, crafted to the highest standards of quality and are considered the finest products of their kinds in the world. 

    The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and re-inventing oneself. That it why it is imbedded in our store logo. Many of our store craftsmen are stroke survivors who have transformed themselves into jewelry designers. So, wear them to transform your wardrobe and reflect on the courageous craftsman who made your earrings. 

    Choose the silver content and earring backing that meets your fashion style.

    The image of the earrings have a blue-purple tint. Please understand that the color of the earrings are clear crystal.

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