• Crazy Lace Agate-Natural Skinny Bracelet Set

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  • Description

    These 3 stretch bracelets are crafted with semi-precious gem stones surrounded by 38 mm gunmetal tubes that are 2 mm in diameter.   The classic sets are so comfortable to wear.  Crazy Lace Agate is considered to be a healing stone by ancient cultures.  This gem stone has a faceted, gray marble-like appearance.   Agate is believed to enhance mental function while it improves concentration & analytic abilities.  It was known for soothing tension & providing a sense of security.

    They come in 5 sizes with subtle variations in patterns.   See options sizes in drop down box.  Consider going up one size if you like your bracelets to dangle a bit past your sleeve.  Why not buy several sets in different gem stones.  They can be mixed and matched to accent your outfits to make a fashion statement.


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