• Caribbean Combo Skinny Bracelet Set

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  • Description

    These 3 stretch bracelets are crafted with semi-precious gem stones surrounded by 38 mm gunmetal tubes that are 2 mm in diameter.   The classic sets are so comfortable to wear.   These island themed semi-precious gem stones were considered to be healing stones by ancient cultures.  Adorn your wrist with white mountain jade to access unused parts of your brain, and pink rhodonite to instill compassion & emotional balance..  Add sky blue magnesite to keep abdominal maladies and headaches at bay, and you have the perfect combination to make you feel that island charm & hospitality that draws people to the Caribbean way of life,

    They come in 5 sizes with subtle variations in patterns.   See options sizes in drop down box.  Consider going up one size if you like your bracelets to dangle a bit past your sleeve.  Why not buy several sets in different gem stones.  They can be mixed and matched to accent your outfits to make a fashion statement.


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