• Botswana Agate Tube Necklace

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  • Description

    This mesmerizing necklace has shades of grey, brown, white and pale mauve. They are joined by silver plated tubes to accent tones in these semi-precious gemstones. Each stone is between 8 - 10mm of agate in round, oblong and curved cube shapes. Comes with toggle clamp of sterling silver.

    Inhabitants of the ancient tropics wore it for protection against storms and hazards. They held talisman's of this stone to bring good luck. No two beads are alike.

    Create the look that meets your style. Pair it on this site with earrings.

    Choose the length that works for you:

    - up to 20" - 1x wrap

    - 36" - 40" - 2x wraps

    - 60" - 3x wraps

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