These elegant ergonomically designed pens fit comfortably in your hand.  They are adorned with your choice of beads in porcelain, wood, lampwork/art glass or light weight acrylic jewel cut designs.  Pick the design that suits your fancy, and then select the base color.  The base options come in black graphite, pearlized white and polished chrome options.

Each pen is enclosed in a velvet sleeve with instructions for refilling it.  You can find refills in any standard business supply store or on this site (black & blue are available for $2 each).

Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!  They make wonderful gifts to keep on hand for teachers; students; co-workers; helpful neighbors; caregivers and medical professionals.  These pens are practical gifts for any age.

Also included in this section are our note cards which are images painted by our members in their art therapy group.  Consider purchasing a pen and pack of note cards for a practical and beautiful gift combination.