ADLER APHASIA CENTER: a place of help and hope for people living with aphasia

Aphasia is a language disorder caused by stroke or other brain injury. It impairs the expression and understanding of spoken language, reading and writing. This frustrating condition affects a person’s ability to communicate, but does not affect his or her intellect.

Adler Aphasia Center is proud to partner with the National Stroke Association in raising awareness about stroke and aphasia. We are a non-profit organization based throughout New Jersey and offer innovative post-rehabilitative therapeutic programming that addresses the long-term needs of people with aphasia and their families.

Something Special is a unique design studio where members with aphasia handcraft jewelry, desk items, barware, paper crafts, serving utensils and more. Proceeds from the sale of these hand crafted items support the Center’s Scholarship Fund, so that anyone with aphasia can participate in our programs and services.

Every gift item is beautifully packaged including the biography of the member craftsman.

Something Special design studio was created to:

  • Educate buyers about aphasia
  • Build self-esteem in our craftsmen
  • Offer artistic expression for our members
  • Provide therapeutic benefits as members use their non-dominant hand to bead jewelry & work on visual patterning in their designs