• Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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  • Description

    This delicate toggle clasp bracelet is a circle of golden tiger's eye beads in alternating round and rectanglular shapes (6mm-10 mm in size).  You have the option of selecting gold or silver-plated rods connecting the beads.

    Tiger's eye is a semi-precious stone favored by our craftsmen for its healing properties and rich shimmering golden brown hues.  Ancient cultures prized it for its ability to instill strength and confidence in those who wear it, and as a talisman to protect travelers.  Roman soldiers wore it into battle believing that it would heal infections of the skin and ears.

    The bracelet is a wonderful accent piece when worn with the "Tiger's Eye Flowing Necklace" & the "Tiger's Eye Cascading Earrings" when ordered in the gold option.  See these lovely pieces on this site.

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